t h e c o n s t r u c t e d s p a c e

dot galerie presentation at Mercart 04
Lugano - Centro Esposizioni
27.05.04 - 31.05.04
stand E60
artitsts in the exhibition:
Alessandro Albert & Paolo Verzone
Stanislas Amand
Fabiana de Barros & Michel Favre
Marta Chilindron
Bujar Marika
Leta Peer
Moon-Pil Shim
Edgard Soares
Nicolas Wagnières
James F. Watkinson
t h e c o n s t r u c t e d s p a c e

"We are bound to perceive objects in the external world as existing in time and space and as being governed by causal relations, and we cannot transcend the limitations which our concepts
of space, time, and causality impose upon us."

Anthony Storr

Space gives dimension to the world like we know it as it is defined by this concept's very own dimensions, linear, square and cubic. Space is everywhere around us. It is not something that we can dispose of. But as if to prove Anthony Storr wrong, artists do indeed transcend those limitations and take great care in challenging our perception of the external world as we think we know it.

For the occasion of MercArt, the first Lugano art fair, dot galerie presents an exhibition proposing the different and varied views of artists who have been dealing with the notion of space. The title indicates that the works presented here do not merely represent space as we know it but indeed construct it from scratch and give it for us to wander about, get lost in, find new directions and face up to our understanding of our very surroundings.

For more information and press, contact us by email contact@dotgalerie.com or by phone 022 311 19 59 n