dot galerie invites you... look for us in Basel
as we will feature our first nomadic exhibition

Originally the title of a 70s cult movie about a free-spirit hero struggling with the established system of middle America, FIVE EASY PIECES symbolizes here an interest in the raw experience of creating. Come find us and unveil our creativity.


Five artists will show one piece each, created within the last year and never before exhibited. This simple yet restrictive concept will ensure the most contemporary production to be shown. It will also promote a dynamic interaction between the public and the artists as the pieces on view belong to larger bodies of work that will still be in process at the time of the exhibition. Therefore giving the public a unique opportunity to interact with the artist's process of creation.

This is not a thematic group show. Each artist’s creativity is completely independent and very different. It will come across through one selected piece and stand against the other pieces displayed. This confrontation, which happens everyday and everywhere in life, will enhance the characteristics of each piece and generate an impromptu conversation on the question of the contemporaneous creation between the artists.