dot concept

A dot. A circle. A round. A concentric wave propagating itself unobstructed by white walls or frontiers.
dot gallery is ubiquitous and nomadic, the antithesis of the white cube, sedentary and limited.
Its center of emission is Geneva but it radiates beyond borders.

There is no limit to contemporary creation, so why restrict oneself to one space, to one country, to one public, to one type of work?

dot galerie cares to question and reposition itself according to the need of the artist.
Thus the gallery explores different locations for each exhibition, be it a park, a factory, a gallery, a private salon, a train station or the street, in order not to impose the limitations of a predefine space but to find new venues to present the work of the artist and to intervene in a maner closer to the public.

dot galerie is both a precise meeting point and a vast circle embracing and sharing contemporary art creation. The emphasis is placed on the process of curating exhibitions in tune with the artists' own work development, to enhance cultural exchange beyond national borders,
and in the process question the role of the gallery today.

dot galerie is committed to develop in time all of the following activities:
dot expo
individual or group exhibitions organized in various locations

dot show
a group show curated by a young curator invited by the gallery

dot happening
events or interventions in the public domain
dot solo
a first solo show offered to an art student
dot exchange
exhibition exchange with other young contemporary art galleries
dot virtual
online exhibitions of the latest web and net art
dot editions
publication of a gallery catalog, artists' exhibition catalogs and limited artist's editions
dot education
initiation of children to contemporary art practices through a series of encounters with the artist
dot collection
a collection of works by exhibited artists
dot bureau
a 'bureau d'art' at the full disposal of artists and art professionals
dot services
a range of services, such as photographic reproductions, conservation work, consulting and guidance in iacquisitions, curating and collection managing, available to private collectors
copyright dotgalerie 2001