augustinus tjahaya


This body of work documents a group of people in downtown New York that used to hang out every night at two bars, Apres Scotts and Puffy's, at the end of the eighties into the early nineties. "I set out to expose people's privacy in the first place, but the better I knew these people the less I wanted to intrude in their lives. I photograph at night without a flash because certain things are better kept in the dark. Each image has a thousand unspoken words to which the viewer can relate through his own experiences and memories. I want to tell a story by using people's own stories. These portraits are non-literal so that they can be intimate but yet free. I want to tell a story by not having to say or preach a word, like stills of a non-existing film."


Annika S., Aprescott's, Tribeca, NYC, 1993

Robert B., Aprescott's,
Tribeca, NYC, 1989

Bernice E., Puffy's,
Tribeca, NYC, 1990

Peeter L., Moos Gallery,
SoHo, NYC, 1992

Bob B. Be & Marisa,
Tribeca, NYC, 1988
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