pavlos nikolakopoulos




The body of work "Perceptional Theses" (thesis in greek means the posistion and also the seat) breaks down into 6 different pieces: two about perception, two about thought and two about action. The number 6 symbolizes the basic elements of space around us: up, down, left, right, front, back, and the number 24 represent the hours in the condition of time. The artist's own perception is nourished by stimuli received from reality and engraved in his memory. There are called 'memorial traces' or engram. Through the process of memory they come to the surface of consciousness.
In his work, the artist often uses materials that threaten the body: nails, razor blades, hooks, as well as mirrors, neon lights and wood, as he is interested by the sense of anxiety they communicate to the viewer. The artist uses them to trigger our mechanisms of perception. They are signals of continuous alertness, not threats.

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